Car hire from £3.25 per hour or £26 per day.

Price changes from April 1st 2024 – see tariff page.

Welcome to the SACT Car Club.

The need for low cost car transportation in the KA8 area of Ayr was highlighted in the Tandem Report which called for smaller, lower cost vehicles for hire. As a direct result, SACT Car Club applied for, and  received, funding from Scottish Power Energy Network to purchase two electric cars to provide lo-cost green transportation . The low running cost and the ability to run the cars without  CO2 emissions were the deciding factors in the club purchasing two Nissan Leaf electric vehicles. This means we are playing our part to help Scotland become one of the leaders in the reduction of C02 into the atmosphere. Further to that, we were kindly granted one 7 seat Nissan eNV200 which is located for use also in our Ayr depot. Costs for all the vehicles can be found on our tariffs page.


What is SACT Car Club?

A low cost car hire to provide cars at very low rates.

How do I join the club?

Become a full member by filling in our membership form, this can be downloaded from this website or, picked up at our Crown Street office.

How much will it cost?

Members A one off fee for an individual membership costs £30 and a family membership for 2 drivers is £45. An organisation can register for a group of 10 drivers for £60 per annum. , Hire cost is from £3.25 per hour or £26 for 8-24 hours and 6p per mile.

How do I pay?

An invoice will be sent by email after the hire. payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Do I pay to recharge the car?

The four black Rolec chargepoints in our compound are free to use for our vehicles only.

Please note – More and more councils are reviewing their policies with regard to charging for the use of electric chargers. Currently South Ayrshire Council owned chargers are free. These are generally marked as ChargePlace Scotland (CPS) chargepoints. Outside of South Ayrshire costs may vary but will be displayed near or on the charge points. Costs may vary due to the speed of the charger (Slow, Fast, Rapid, etc) and there may be time limits for charging which if exceeded may attract fines. EG: Edinburgh City Council have recently introduced a 30 min max time limit on their rapid chargers. Going over this time can incur a £30 fine ontop of the electricity charges.

Signing up for the CPS app will allow you to pay for any charging costs by direct debit.

What Licence do I need?

Full UK driving licence, be aged 25+.

Not sure about electric cars? Fancy trying one out?

Our £25 voucher is the perfect answer, it is all inclusive, can be for a full 8 hours and includes mileage. No membership required.

Please contact us for details on 01292 270865 or via email:

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