SACT Car Club – Tariffs Apr23 – Word

SACT Car Club – Tariffs Apr23 – PDF


SACT Car Club Tariffs (All Prices includes VAT)


Individual Membership

£30 (One off payment)

Group Membership

£60 (One off payment); Maximum of 10 registered drivers

Family Membership

£45 (One off payment); Maximum of 2 registered drivers

Hourly Rate

Nissan Leaf 5-Seater


Nissan E-NV200 7-Seater


Daily Rate (8-24hours)

Nissan Leaf 5-Seater


Nissan E-NV200 7-Seater


Mileage Charges

Nissan Leaf 5-Seater


Nissan E-NV200 7-Seater


Other Charges

Damage to cars  – Excess (50/50 or club driver fault)


Recharging point cost see below or contact office


  • Payment: A deposit of up to 50% will be taken at the time of booking with a final invoice sent by email after the hire. You will be directed to pay with PayPal via the booking system, no PayPal account is necessary. Balance payments can be made by cash, cheque, PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Recharge the car: Chargeplace Scotland charging points are used outside of our compound. Costs and maximum charge duration times can apply. Please check charging stations for information before use from the ChargePlace Live Map or app.
  • Licence Required: Full UK driving licence.
  • Please contact us for details on 01292 270864 or via email:admin@sact-carclub.co.uk.



Please note, that while some of the Charge Place Scotland chargepoints are free, there are some that charge a fee for charging the car. To avoid this additional cost please check before you charge the car that it is free. If in doubt there are numerous apps available that will give this information. eg Chargemap, PlugShare, Zap-Map. Please alert us to any chargeable sessions during your hire to save surprise invoices in due course.

Please also note that Edinburgh City Council have recently introduced a 30 min max time limit on their rapid chargers. Going over this time can incur a £30 fine ontop of the electricity charges. Edinbugh Charging Costs

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